Season One

by Arcade Rivals

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released June 7, 2017


All songs written and performed by Arcade Rivals

Arcade Rivals is:
Jonny Heffern - guitar, vocals
David Jaffe - vocals, guitar
Zac Karim - bass
Joey Martinez - drums

Jonny: Kelsey, my kids, Ricardo, and the other members of Arcade Rivals.
Joey: Mom, Mr. T, Emmily, Grayson, Grandma Anna, Grandpa Mike, and also my haters.
Zac: Annie and Linnea Davis-Karim.
David: MaryAnn, my parents, Bryan, and my other family and friends.

Artwork by: Reid Mounts

Additional vocals on "Not Pointless, Just Unnecessary": Kelsey Best, Eric Esquibel, MaryAnn Jaffe, Jimmy J. Medina, RaeAnna Sanchez, Carlos Simental

℗©2017 Arcade Rivals
All rights reserved. Unauthorized dupication is a violation of applicable laws.


all rights reserved



Arcade Rivals Albuquerque, New Mexico

Arcade Rivals is a rock band from Albuquerque, New Mexico made up of 4 lifelong musicians. Their sound has been described as “alternative pop-punk with an edge” – influenced by grunge, punk, classic rock, and indie music. You can catch them playing local shows as often as possible to connect with their fans and support the local music scene. ... more

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Track Name: Made of Potential
Aimless and arrogant
Unsure of what's in store
I know that I'm above it all
The world should come to me
And lay down at my feet
I don't fear any consequence

Fondness for myself
I've done nothing yet
Always hedging bets (Always edging back)
The universe owes me
Everything I want
I'm made of potential
Made of potential

Others are pushing me
Toward things that I don't need
I know I'm too unique for that
Can't I just chase my dreams
The pieces will all fit
And neatly fall into their place

I know I know it all
I'm walking history
I know I'll never fail
Its simply destiny
Track Name: Red Flag City
Don't you wanna take a trip with me
Feelin' blue tonight, Red Flag City, Red Flag City
It's only me and you this time around
Shut 'em out for life, Red Flag City, Red Flag City
We're going places no one ever goes
If its yours, it's mine, Red Flag City, Red Flag City
You're gonna miss your family and your friends
But I'm all you need, Red Flag City, Red Flag City

I'll crawl my way inside you
And take everything you knew
One way street signs, darkened skylines
And you'll get nothing returned
Just broken, blistered and burned
(Next time take heed, so you don't bleed)

I know you might be feeling kinda trapped
Rest assured, you're not, in this city, haunted city
Change your ways and don't look back tonight
Fight their fire with fire, in this city, shadow city

Dive further into my heart, we cannot be apart
Smoke fills your lungs, clouds your eyes, all hope remaining dies
Forgot the life you once had, try not to look so sad
Your future's brightest with me, don't ever try to flee

You remain unswayed by the constant let downs
I believe you'll stay despite what you have found
Dive further into my heart, we cannot be apart
Track Name: Best Laid Plans
We enter this world with only instincts
Navigating with the guidance of those
Who are trying to survive the hurricane
Clinging to common ground and consciousness

We never knew what was round the corner
An ancient blueprint that has grown obsolete

So we take it, take it, take it to our fathers
Blame it, blame it, blame it on the prideful
Face it, face it, face it for our mothers
Chase it, chase it, chase it for the wrathful

We wait for our chance to arrive some day
Assaulting ceilings that we cannot break
We're stuck inside of what we kindly call
A serendipitous anti-disaster

We're running so fast, but not so far

A burden placed upon each generation
To live up to the standards of the last
The measure of success keeps moving further
With forefathers believing in the past

Imagined narratives
Determining our worth
Track Name: Not Pointless, Just Unnecessary
You see the world in blue and green
I see everything in between
And when we meet it's never a scene
I like the life I choose to lead
And on most points we are agreed
It ain't like I am one to impede
But when you say that we are fine
Everything that happens is by design
It sends a feeling right up my spine
I cannot be here always
Looking back to make sure you are there
It wouldn't be right and it ain't fair
For me to just stay out of your hair
You never cease to amaze

Not saying it's pointless, just unnecessary
Not saying it's pointless, I'm not saying it's pointless
Not saying it's pointless, just unnecessary
Not saying it's pointless

I know you can survive alone
You have the smarts and the backbone
I'm pretty sure that you're fully grown
But sometimes you need to pull back
And get your life on the right track
But maybe I should cut you some slack

And I wanna believe that you'll do well
And this won't become your personal hell

You know I'll always be here for you
And maybe the whole concept is new
But to you I will always be true
Track Name: Vanquished
The dam has burst as teardrops fall
You've been holding back so long
A needle sharpened point
Making scars like marks on wood

You're floating in the sea
Past panic and disgrace
You will not be reborn
After failure to fly

Too much to do, we're out of time
Ground into fine powder
And when we fall we're paralyzed
Just so defeated

It's been a long week, it's been a longer life
And all those sleepless nights
Wrap themselves around your legs
You're carrying the weight of your mind

Misleading shadows
Make you cower
You're fearful
Hour after hour

It makes you cower hour after hour
Track Name: Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
You stay always sheltered from the rays of our days
Our air it chokes you, unable to breathe, we all knew
You'd fail to be there, criticizing all, our nightmare

You're a wolf in wolf's clothing
I can't keep from exploding
You're a wolf in wolf's clothing
Filled with selfish self loathing

You're a wolf in wolf's clothing
My good will is eroding
You're a wolf in wolf's clothing
And the end is approaching

Stay helpless because you cannot be reckless
You prey upon me hoping I won't leave, never free

You refuse solutions to problems that you created
You like complaining that you don't know why you're hated

I want to see the light
I want to find a way out
You're sure your grip is strong
You're never living in doubt

You're a wolf in wolf's clothing
A feeling of foreboding
You're a wolf in wolf's clothing
Your empire is decomposing

You're a wolf in wolf's clothing
Take comfort in not knowing
You're a wolf in wolf's clothing
That your window is closing

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